What is VIRAN and what does it do?


VIRAN was established in 1996 when members of the industrial advisory council of the catalysis research school NIOK realized the need for a separate forum for the exchange of information and ideas within the catalysis industry and for the coordination of industrial influence on catalytic education and university research.


In addition to providing members with valuable networking possibilities and close contacts with the forefront of Dutch catalysis research, VIRAN holds an annual plenary meeting.


Currently VIRAN consists of 13 members.

VIRAN initiatives

An example of working on innovations for a sustainable society is ACTS (Advanced Chemical Technologies for Sustainability), a joint initiative of Government, academia and industry funding tens of millions of euros for pre-competitive and industrially relevant research, with aim to anticipate on the needs of the future society. VIRAN members, amongst others, played an important part in the processes that led to the formulation of the Technology Roadmap Catalysis, Key to Sustainability (2001) and the subsequent creation of ACTS and its research programs.

Download: Technology Roadmap Catalysis (2001)

Since 2001, the world has changed significantly in areas such as the important societal issues, the economic situation, the structure of research funding and the interests/strategy of the (chemical) industry in the Netherlands. The Dutch catalysis community, represented by the Netherlands Institute for Research in Catalysis Research (NIOK) and the Industrial Advisory Board of NIOK (VIRAN), has created a new Science and Technology Roadmap for Catalysis in the Netherlands: “Catalysis - Key to a Sustainable Future”, which builds on the changed situation.

Download: Science and Technology Roadmap for Catalysis in the Netherlands: ”Catalysis - Key to a Sustainable Future”

Membership benefits

  • Influence on the future of catalytic research in The Netherlands.
  • The right to one free consultancy day each year by a NIOK staff member.
  • The opportunity to have university graduate students detached to their own research laboratories as trainees.
  • Access to specialized university apparatus at a reduced rate.
  • The right to send one employee of a member company’s own staff on any NIOK course at a reduced rate (reduced early registration fees of € 600).
  • The possibility for member companies to have their own staff training and education executed by NIOK staff members at a reduced rate.
  • Free access to lectures by NIOK guest lecturers.


Membership of VIRAN is open to companies related to all aspects of catalysis and is not related to the nationality of the companies.
The annual membership contribution depends on the size of the member company:

  • small NL-companies € 812,50
  • medium sized NL-companies € 1625
  • large NL-companies € 3250
  • non-NL-companies with small-medium operations in EU € 1625
  • non-NL companies with large operations in EU € 3250